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    Introduction | Links

    Climate change and global warming are a sub-set of sustainability and a result of overshoot, i.e. too many people consuming too much resources.
    The focus on climate change is a serious detraction from discussing the underlying cause: overshoot.

    We believe that climate change is both happening and virtually unstoppable. The natural conditions on Earth that lead to the formation of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) and thereby capturing carbon from the atmosphere, do no longer prevail. The climatic conditions are different from those reigning a long time ago. And the presumably vast forests have gone.

    It took some 200 million years to capture the carbon that we are now burning within some 300 years. Therefore we cannot expect that nature will recapture the carbondioxide in the atmosphere within a time that is meaningful for humanity in our time.

    The measures and plans that are being implemented and discussed to deal with climate change require a scientific evaluation in order to determine which solutions have real potential and which ones are merely based on hopes or business as usual market paradiogms.

    From a purely scientific point of view it seems that CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), sequestration, emissions trading, CDMs (Clean Development Mechanisms), and JI (Joint Implemetation) cannot have the effects that the Kyoto Protocol envisaged.

    The phasing out of fossil fuels will certainly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But it is very questionable whether alternative fuels and so-called "renewables" will be able to fill the gap.

    Some links to the discussions: | [introduction]
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