ecostory 60/2005
Useless Kyototo talks and agreements
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Stop the Kyoto circus - Get real and stop economic growth!
(our email to the bbc of 10.12.2005) Dear BBC,

Why does the BBC give so much air time, again and again, to Enterprise Institutes and their alikes? All these people understand is dollars.

On the other hand, this Kyoto circus is useless feel-good activism, and therefore counterproductive to environmental needs.

- The Kyoto goals represent one percent only of the emissions' reductions that climatologists deem necessary;

- The Kyoto mechanisms will have no effect whatsoever (carbon trading, joint implementation, clean development mechanism);

- Our planet is round and therefore this individual country emissions' accounting is useless. China for instance produces emissions in our name for all the goods that we import from them.

First and foremost we must stop this stupid ideology of economic growth. Since each dollar of growth increases emissions and resource depletion. On a finite world this is suicidal. No number of Kyoto agreements can counter the effects of growth, whether economists want to believe it or not. The majority of these people live in an ivory tower, disconnected from ecological reality.

The only real chance to do something against further climate change is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an immediate drastic reduction of the burning of fossil fuels.

This would require a total restructuring of our economies to localised production and a decrease in societal speeds.

People will again have to live where they work and by and large consume what they can produce locally. Any wasteful activities must be reduced to a minimum.

As long as we continue growing in human numbers and in material production (= resource depletion) we are doomed to succumb in final wars over the world's dwindling resources, within a few generations.

Kind regards ... Helmut Lubbers, Geneva

un autre réalité Link to a photo report of extreme flooding in New Zealand. As at the floods in Switzerland in August 2005, people stood there watching - unable to link the floods to the larger picture - we think.

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