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Fatih Birol and his Team
of the IEA 2010 World Energy Outlook
We are honestly grateful to Fatih Birol and his team!

For their huge job!

The photo shows a group of proud and happy people
- the work done:
the "2010 World Energy Outlook", launched on 9 November 2010!

The picture made us realise that the World Energy Outlook was made by real people, not by anonymous functionaries behind closed doors or shielded by security systems.

We see people like you and me, who have names, faces, families, homes, hopes and aspirations.

People who are working to the best of their skills and knowledge, as honestly concerned about the future as you and me. Who might have doubts, like you and me.

So we take the liberty to ask some questions, from man to man, from man to woman.

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[Questions to be edited]
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