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  • energy units and conversions
    Daily products made from oil as raw material. - Des articles de notre vie journalière, fabriqués sur base de pétrole. - Artikel des täglichen Lebens, die aus der Rohstoff Öl hergestellt werden.

  • Biofuels - The USA starts growing fuel-only corn - The Guardian Weekly 19-25 August 2011
  • Letter sent to Mr Ruud Lubbers at the biofuels trade fair in Rotterdam of early 2011
  • Biofuels - some basic facts compared to ecoglobe sustainability 106-2008
  • "Es braucht einen technologischen Durchbruch" (Prof. Boulouchos) 100-2008
  • "Shed no tears over demise of US ethanol industry" 99-2008
  • Fuel crops cultivate hopes and fears 107-2007
  • OECD slams biofuels subsidies for sparking food price inflation 90-2007
    Peak Oil:
  • Perfect Storm Our economy is in fact the consumption of stored energy, and other non-renewable materials, such as clean water, a normal climate, and an intact system of biodiversity, i.e. the dynamic system of plants, animals, and bacteria of all kinds.
    The EREOI, i.e. the rate of Energy Returned On Energy Invested, is steadily decreasing. Energy reserves that produce less energy than the energy needed for their extraction are useless for the economy. This represents the so-called 'energy cliff' - The Perfect Storm ahead.
  • Some oil depletion graphs of different countries
    IEA World Energy Outlook :
    [IEA 2010 World Energy Outlook The production peak was reached in 2003]
    [IEA 2011 World Energy Outlook]
    [IEA 2012 World Energy Outlook (1)]
    [IEA 2012 World Energy Outlook (2)]
    [15 years IEA WEO - from 1998 to 2012]
    [IEA 2013 World Energy Outlook]
  • World Oil Capacity to Peak in 2010 Says Petrobras CEO
  • Prognosen weltweite Erdölförderung in 2030: 116 oder 39 Mio. Barrel pro Tag? (Heute etwa 87 Mio. Barrel pro Tag)
  • Energie sparen, CO2 senken und trotzdem wachsen
  • Peak Oil - "The Long Emergency" & "A Post-Oil Man" (April 2008)
  • "Dubai bets on lasting tourist appeal" (July 2008)
  • Erdlöl - Aussichten (Mai 2008)
  • Energy crisis - debate comments
  • Peak oil peak resources confence 2010

    & "Food":
  • "The food energy Return On Investment spiral
  • Die Energiespiarle in der Landwirtschaft- Ganzer Artikel
  • The food energy Return On Investment spiral - complete article
  • La spirale énergétique dans l'agriculture- article complet
  • The effects of peak oil
    & "Renewables":
  • Biofuels
  • "The renewability of renewable energy"
  • "Renewable Energy Is An Illusion"
  • "RE: Solar, hydrocarbons, EROI & life cycles"
  • Zur "Nachhaltigkeit" von Windturbinen im Meer
    & Climate and Nuclear:
  • Combattre les gaz à effet de serre par des centrales nucléaires ?
  • Mit Atomkraft gegen die Klimagase?
  • Nuclear power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
    & Nuclear:
  • Nuclear page list
  • A shortlist of effects of nuclear radiation
    & Links [new window]:
  • The Case for a Disorderly Energy Descent By Karl North | May 20, 2011
    Human Energy Equivalent...
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