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We focus on the core issues in the environmental debate:

• Humanity has overshot the earth's carrying capacity.
• We are depleting the planet's natural and
    non-renewable resources at high speed.
• All economic growth factually increases the rates of
    resource depletion and destruction of nature.
• The dark horizon of collapse is much closer than
    most people and opinion leaders think.

We promote a radical change of public policy,
which will give humanity a chance to survive
the times of increasing resource scarcities:

The general policy of economic growth must be abolished
      in favour of maintenance and longevity.
Population growth must be stopped and reversed
      because all countries are already overpopulated.
Our exorbitant resource use must be replaced by economic
      frugality and some development where it's really needed.

Our debate is based on reality and a careful distinction between illusions and real solutions:

club... • Our planet earth earth is finite indeed and we entirely depend on it.
• "sustainable growth", "qualitative growth", "immaterial growth" and other kinds of "different" growth are delusions. Growth is always material and limited by space and resources. We cannot continue to overconsume and grow with our consumption and in human numbers.
• Climate change is man-made. It is NOT a "chance for economic growth". It must be addressed by economic contraction.
club... • Biofuels compete with food production and destroy nature. The search for alternative energies for motorised transportation is based on the illusion that mankind could maintain the present level of exorbitant resource depletion any longer.
• Technology, creativity, ingenuity, etc. cannot replace depleted resource or revive lost animals, fish and forests.
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