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The father of all problems is the ideology of continued growth...... which produces only one scenario...
Radical Ecological Economics
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Our basic problem is:
of the planet's carrying capacity
that is overloading
the planet by
  • too many people

    who are

  • using up too much resources
  • There is one huge,
    immediate problem:

    that is the maximum
    of daily oil availability

    its subsequent decline.

    Ecostories 2011:
    Planet maximum
    The human impact on the environment can be summarized by the equation I = P x A x T

    Our environmental problems, such as deforestation and desertification, food and water shortages, threats to the survival of nature (biodiversity), resource depletion, pollution and slumification, and climate change are all aggravated by population growth and economic expansion, also known as economic "growth". growth tables...

    growth tables...

    In a finite world
    is a suicidal policy.

    Overshoot and resource depletion can logically only be countered by contraction. [A glossary] [Growth forum]
    Ecostories 2012 Focus: "Green Economy" scenarios
    Ecostories 2011 Focus: "Peak-Oil" (Peak-Earth)

    L’urgence de la "décroissance".
    Des pensées sur la balance humaine sur la planète.
    The urgency of contraction.
    Thoughts on the balance of humanity on the planet.
    Die Dringlichkeit einer Schrumpfung.
    Gedanken über das Gleichgewicht der Menschheit auf dem Planeten.
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    1997 rumours... 2012-2610

    We're looking for energetic and creative persons who would like to develop ecoglobe. Maybe even establish an ecoglobe club.

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    Every two seconds five additional human beings are added to the world population:

    This is called the
    "Population Bomb".
    In ten years the situation
    will look like this:

    More people need more food, water, space and raw materials.
    The problems are local.
    There where the babies are born they increase the overpopulation and often the misery.
    Mentioning these facts is not racism but a sense for reality.
    means human society
    in the balance with nature.
    The balances are maintained if a resource is not consumed at a higher rate than needed for regeneration.

    Many resources are non-renewable.
    So here we must judge very carefully at which speed we may reasonably use these.
    All resources - regenerative and non-renewable - are horribly over-exploited.

    frequently means "Business"
    - for business, politics, academia and non-government organisations.

    Manifold are the models, propositions, and illusions about saving the world by business-as-usual - less some measures on the margins - with hoped-for, future technologies.

    ecoglobe tries to cut through the "Business" maze of complications, contradictions and ideologies.  
    We simplify where possible and rectify where necessary, independent, committed to reality.
    "Sustainable development"
    excludes economic growth and population growth.
    Development in poor areas must be offset by contraction in overdeveloped areas.