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    gérer la croissance... - Handhaben des Wachstums... - managing growth...
    Managing growth

    Some basic questions:

  • Climate
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Growth
  • Pollution
  • Population
  • Resources
  • Sustainability

    Further Subjects:
    Wachstumsdiskussion... - discussion sur la croissance économique...
    growth forum

    The World Population estimate was
    (6.026 billion)
    on 20.11.1999, when we mounted this gloomy page on our New Zealand site, with a population counter of the US Census Bureau

    The World Population is still counting:
    On 8 July 2006 at 12:00 h we were
    click for the running counter...(6.534 billion).
    Running counter...
    Make room!

    Photo exhibition

    I don't think this is Speakers Corner

    but what exactly?

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  • ecostory

    120 The Financial Times' Martin Wolf has become ecoglobe's Person of the Year 2007
    Mr Martin Wolf publicly recognised that resources are finite indeed (more...)

    ecostory: Deutsch English français mixed
    117 High-speed trains and the meaning of time
    116 "A long, difficult path out of poverty"
    115 "The laboratory of development"
    114 "The dangers of living in a zero-sum world economy" (Martin Wolf, the Financial Times)
    113 "Only full decarbonisation can save the earth" - George Monbiot in The Guardian Weekly
    112 The Bali Climate Change Road Map: Empty Treaties Just Add Carbon Dioxide!
    111 "Black to the Future"
    109 "Bali offers a vital chance to change the world"
    The Prince of Wales's in the Financial Times

    108 Communiqué from International Business Leaders in advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2007
    107 Systems and interdependencies and their effect on Peak Oil
    106 Capitalism - the dog or the tail? What would an economic system look like...
    105 2008 Alliance for Global Sustainability Meeting
    103 A trial to explain social dysfunctioning
    102 Kassandra warnte die Trojaner - vergeblich. Warum? [(in German; en allemand): Cassandra warned the Trojans - in vain. Why? Cassandre avertit les Troiëns] - en vain. Pourquoi?
    101 GEO-4 UNEP Report on the state of the world environment
    The WTO Public Forum Geneva 4-5.10.2007 - Debate snippets

    97 "We don't smell the air" - (news bulletin from CSE India)
    96 "The 11th Hour" (Leo DiCaprio) a film review"
        "La 11e heure - Le dernier virage"
    95 "Waiting for the lights to go out"
    94 "Herd on the Street"
    93 Trial of removing 1.3m cars reduced emissions...
    ..."Beijing plays down Olympic smog fears"

    92 A "carbon neutral" bottled water company and a "Call for cap on bottled water use"
    90 OECD slams biofuels subsidies for sparking food price inflation
    89 Growth quotes: "UN warns of food price unrest"
    88 Praying for the planet! - Beten für den Planeten! - Prier pour la planète !Jour international pour l'environnement 2007
    87 A Trucker's Story (English and German)
    85 Southern hemisphere holds wheat supply hopes
    Leadership - The story of Al Gore - "If business leaders do not immediately grasp the vital insights offered..."

    "Citizens arrest [...] the simplest solution" - Really?

    78 What management 'needs' to know
    77 Climate science and the Indian scientist
    76 Growth quotes: "The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race"
    74 Growth quotes: "Turkey's granary disaster" - Guardian Weekly 20 July 2007
    72 Between Optimism and Pessimism
    "The world has two energy crises but no real answers" - Financial Times 10.7.2007

    69 Growth quotes: "World will face oil crunch 'in five years'", FT 10 July 2007

    67 A "programme" towards sustainability
    65 Growth quotes: "Biofuel demand powering long-term food inflation"
    62 "Our Carbon Footprint" - Wackernagel's pseudo-science
    61 Growth quotes: "Can the planet feed us?"
    60 Soil erosion
    59 Growth quotes: "[...] a nearby hunting area that the royal family shared with relatives had become 'too crowded'", The Guardian Weekly 22 June 2007
    58 Growth quotes: Slave labour make it possible, The Guardian Weekly 22 June 2007
    57 End of the road for sports cars? FT 26 June 2007
    56 Climate change - "Greenwash" - From The Economist - "Environmentalism is concealing any number of misguided policies"
    55 "Treachery and greenery", according to The Economist "Environmentalism has begun to splinter"
    54 Growth quotes: Electricity in India, FT 22 June 2007
    53 Growth quotes: Water in Spain, FT 21 June 2007
    52 Dwindling minerals stocks
    50 Bees and other hazards of GM - A conference excerpt
    49 Global warming: truth or propaganda? - The qualified opinion of the honourable Mr Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic
    48 International environment day 2007 - Internationaler Umwelttag 2007 - Jour international pour l'environnement 2007
    45 Palm oil plantations squeeze orangutan habitats
    44 "13 years to turn round global warming" they say.
    43 We know it's bad but we can't stop - car-free day
    38 "Climate change 'can be tackled'" - by more of the same: Economic Growth, they say.
    37 Capitalism, fossil fuels and climate change
    36 Limits of technology: "Purified sewage is unpalatable"
    35 Temporary 'benefits' of climate change
    34 Jeffry Sachs of Columbia University on the BBC on saving a world that is "bursting at the seams"
    32 The BBC interviewing the environmental charlatan Bjørn Lomborg
    31 How nature could jolt humanity out of the equation
    30 "Energy, Security and Climate" Security Council open debate: UK concept paper
    29 UN may accept climate affects security
    28 'Frozen north' on a trajectory to catastrophe as climate changes
    25 "Warmer, warmer" - How does climate change motivate you?
    24 Change all the light bulbs you want... - Juliette Jowitt on the dangers of the growing global population
    22 Brave New World Revisited
    19 Hark - The End is Nigh - On the deadly sin of suppression and manipulation of information.
    18 After us - the Deluge - On the deadly sin of economic growth as a societal principle
    17 Switzerland goes to Geneva
    15 Economic Growth - Our Common Foe
    12 The editor's job - helping to put everything into context - email to the Financial Times
    8 Klimaschutz oder Arbeitsplätze in der Automobilindustrie?
      German carmakers say CO2 goal is unrealistic
    7 The deceptive terminology of climate change
    6 Question time at the Climate and Diplomacy Conference ot he HEI of Geneva
    5 anniversaries - Gedenktage - anniversaires
    4 "The Club of Rome was doomsaying years ago. And look, we're still here!"

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    Also read the ecostories in Deutsch and français or ALL mixed.

    At the end of the year 2006/2007 we commemorated, in the name of all people who are being tortured and maltreated, a Russian journalist who was killed for her courage to reveal a different reality.
    Anna Politkovskaya was our Person of the Year 2006. She was murdered in Moscow on 7 October 2006 in Moskau ermordet. The image shows courageous people at a commemoration demo in Moscow on 17 December 2006.

    Freedom of word is one of the most improtant achievements of modern time. Unfortunately this Human Right is being disrespected in many countries.

    The balance between human activity and the environment. Factual information, politically neutral and independent.

    I shall impersonate ...
    a man (audio) - (text)


    This somber race cannot be helped; one only had to become mostly silent, in order to avoid being taken for mad, [like Cassandra], when one predicted what was already standing before the entrance. - Goethe

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