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A friend just asked us for a 10-Point Political Programme. Well, here it is:
Un ami nous a demandé un programme politique en 10 points. Alors, voilà:
We can stop these stupid wars against... you-name-it...,
in the name of our religion, in the name of human rights.
War is terror, and incompatible with human dignity.

We happened to spot the above call for peace, after a public conference on climate change, on 17 DEC 2015 at the "Maison de la Paix", actually the Graduate Institute (new window) of Geneva.

The Paris climate conference just finished. So now the compact of Business, Politics, and the discipline of Economics can continue Business As Usual: the promotion of more economic growth on a flat planet with endless resources, and amnesia regarding population growth. The image on the right illustrates our future - not by 2100, at 9.5 billion earthlings, but much earlier, at the present rates of depletion and pollution.
Our resource depletion and overshoot of the earth's carrying capacity is far to huge to be undone.

We take the opportunity of Christmas 2015 But we can still fight for more social justice, a more equitable distribution of incomes.
Nobody should earn more than 10 times as much as the lowest paid worker.
No function justifies the undemocratic wealth in the hands of a few.

Life is worth living responsibly.

Let's share its beauty and show compassion with the less fortunate.

"Nous profitons de Noël pour lancer le message suivant: laissons l’autre nous déranger, nous interpeller et ouvrons-lui notre cœur."
[We take the opportunity of Christmas 2015 to launch this message: Let the others disturb us, them them question, let's open our hearts to them.]

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