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What's the difference?

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard and Doris Schröder-Köpf, Mr. Jacques Chirac, Mr. Vladimir Putin, Mr. George W. Bush

The people of Easterisland turned their backs to the realities of resource limits. It is assumed their civil wars started over their last resources. Then a once flourishing people was reduced to almost nothing.

In Moscow, on 9 May 2005 our leaders commemorated Victory Day, the end of the second world war in Europe and the 60 million deaths.

Yesterday we remembered the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives were wiped out by the two USAmerican atomic bombs that were dropped 60 years ago on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But the arms race including for atomic bombs goes on. We in our "civilised" countries are sitting on a stockpile of 13 thousand atomic bombs.

We and our leaders have learned nothing, since wars are still going on, sometimes openly, like the war against Iraq, sometimes hidden, like the trade wars that reduce the standard of living and destroy environments in poor countries.

At the same time we refuse to see that our policies of economic growth are driving our planet to absolute depletion so that our destiny will be equal to or even worse than that of the Easterislanders.

Compare the
graph that compares population growth with agriculture and fossil energy

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