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Fanning the "Charlie Hebdo" fire

For the last twelve hours I've been listening almost constantly to the FranceMusique and FranceInfo radio broadcasts

At noon, 15 January 2015, the French president, François Hollande, addressed "the Arab world". He promised zero tolerance. People's different belief systems must be respected. That would mean stopping the provocative cartoons of Charli Hebdo.

The German parliament had one minute of silence - for the 17 victims. The three killers, who were in turn killed by the police, rather than being captured using a stun gun, were not victims?.

A young woman was the first other person who was allowed to voice her opinion, on FranceMusique. She talked about the frustration of the no-future youngsters, even of her own feelings of excitement that the killers had done something, full well knowing that killing is criminal, and rejecting the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

She pointed at this violent capitalism, that crushes everybody who doesn't have the right skills.

One commentator said schools should educate the right values. Sic!

If one minute silence would be given to all victims of state terrorism and criminal wars such as on Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, our elected politicians would be silent for the rest of the year.

Now that would be a chance for normal people to decide on issues across these artificial policy lines, in favour of common interests, rather than party interests.

We would then stop these privatisations and reductions of public services - of which the German TV gave three examples in prime time series within two days. Munich Report showed the horrible suffering of a woman in an old people's home, whom was not given care, despite obvious crucifying pains from dying feet. The series "In aller Freundschaft" talked about 30 percent reduction of nursing personnel after the hospital's privatisation, and "Um Himmels Willen" showed the director of a retirement home sedating "inmates" to save costs.

Over all, the discussions here still sounded as if only we would know what freedom and respect mean, despite the high tones on the values of the "Arab world".

The same leaders who were marching in Paris now criticized the front page of this week's Charlie Hebdo, although it only shows a sad man in Arab clothes. But the media here also talk about an image of the Prophet, though nobody knows what he looked like and the image does not carry a name tag.

We are all being manipulated, here and there, by the people who use the horrible event for their own purposes and economic and political agendas.

The same people who marched for freedom of expression in Paris used the newest number of Charlie Hebdo to score points at home, by banning the image of a weeping man.

It seems as if they are all fanning the fire, here and there, one way or another.
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