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"Aber wir können doch nicht Milliarden von Menschen umbringen?"

Of course we can't.

The suggestion could be a desperate recognition of the seriousness of the problems we are facing.

It could be a trial to divert from the question of growth.

The "killing" suggestion can be answered with serious proposals of planned reduction of resource use, following a general halt to the growth policies.

World population was estimated at
6 026 159 087
(6,026 billion)
as we web-mounted this somber page on 20.11.1999 onto our New Zealand web site, together with a population counter.

The world population is still rising:
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6,534 billion
was the number on 8. July 2006 at 12:00 h.
6,619 billion was the number on 4. August 2007 at 16:45 h,
as we wrote this page.

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