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Development of indigenous peoples
Indigenous peoples face extinction because we want their land and their resurces. Religious zealots want to save their souls by bringing them Christianity or the Islam or Civilisation - which all based upon our superiority. There You Go The cartoon series...

We have managed to destroy the cutures and peoples of the Indians in North and Middle America, in many regions of Asia.

Our "need" for oil and electricity, biofuels, soja, and beef is destroying one of the last areas with indeginous peoples: the amazonas.

In the name of developent, growth and jobs, and the free market with more trade, we are chpping down and flooding the amazonas, piece-meal, relentlessly.

The peoples will not survive. They will be decimated by our civilisatory illnesses. They will descend to the lumpenproletariats of the slums, live in misery and squalor on the fringes of our "great modern civilisation."

The cartoon series at Suvival Internationalexplain in detail.

But, whereas they will not survive as a culture and lose their lands,
we, all people, will die-off because we have outgrown the earth's space and carrying capacity.
George Harrison saw it like this:
All Things Must Pass
"All Things Must Pass".

The downslope will start after peak-oil, within a couple of years.
Compare IEA World Energy Outlook 2010.
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