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Peak Oil - "The Long Emergency" & "A Post-Oil Man"
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Peak Oil Survival : Survive The Long Emergency

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About This Video Added: August 08, 2007
Dr. Joseph DiRuzzo:

The end of the world as we know it is coming and it is closer than you think! When the demand for oil outpaces the supply prices will spiral upward to new dizzying heights and our oil consuming civilization will come to a screeching halt. Will you survive the greatest catastrophe in human histort? Learn more by emailing:

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"The Good News Is: Some People Will Prepare...": ..."A Post-Oil Man"

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About This Video Added: August 05, 2006
James W Johnson

Some folks think this guy is an idiot but he is preparing for life after the oil crash.

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A Post-Oil Man

[A bold middle-aged man riding an indoor training bike, continuously panting - you hear his heart beating - whilst he's telling us why he's doing this. ]

[panting] He a he a he.

Ha ha ha.

Yeah! A lot of people think I am an idiot.

But we'll see who gets the last laugh.

Hey. I bet they thought Noah was an idiot too.

But just you wait.

My ark will be out there poled on Texas with a mass of chickens and goats.

Gee. If you think I'm a fool when you're opening that last can of beans and I'm sitting on ten acres of corn and suchini.

When you are burning down your house in suburbia I'll be as snug as a bug in my dug-out with ochre growing down the roof.

Yeah. You'll remember those laughs when you're trying to drink piss and my wind mill is pumping a bath tub full of water.

You see I am getting ready now.

Learning all about farming and canning, hunting and trapping, bicycling and recycling.

And there'll be the day when you're trying to eat your car seat and I'll be dining on Jack Rabbit and beer.

So go right ahead and laugh.

I don't really care because while you're laughing I am stocking up.

On seed and tools and books, gun and ammo, bows and arrows, and lots of rope and wire and duct tape.

That always comes in handy.

But I admit.

I'm not quite ready yet for this new dark age.

I've gotta get in better shape since ten years from now life won't be for the weak.

I mean this ain't like that silly Y2K paranoia or something as simple as nuclear war.

Even the bird flu would look like blessing spirit compared to this.

No. This is reality.

And the proof is all around.

You see the last hundred years of comfort prosperity on this planet.

That was just a freak of nature.

A lucky break that we burned up faster than a stick of dynamite stuck up the time-line of man.

It's just a plain and simple fact.

Too many people using too much oil.

And believe it or not. It's all gone!

Now if you think that's a bunch of baloney then you just haven't heard the facts.

And believe you me.

You're in for a rude awakening.

We're talking darkness.

Everything in your life depends on oil.

And what happens without it?

Well, you're already seeing the beginning.

The oil wars, high prices.

Then there'll come the riots and total anarchy, a fight for survival.

No food, no water.

No Caribbean cruises or flying off to Paris for shopping.

Hell. You couldn't even drive to the mall if there were something to buy there.

I mean we're talking the end of life as we know it.

Without oil we'll be stepping back two hundred years.

Except worse. Because most of you all won't be prepared for it.

But me on the other hand, I'll be ready.

And this fool even has new career in life.

Distilling ochra whiskey.

And I'll be the richest man in the county because when this new dark age comes he-a-he-a-he getting drunk will be about the only pleasure left.


  • Life after the oil crash Ultimately, the energy-intensive industrial age may be little more than a blip in the course of human history:
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  • - on Biofuels
    We know that no amount of creativity can revive extinct species and recreate lost resources, burned, consumed and gone forever.

    Many people believe that ingenuity i.e. technology can feed more people with more goods whilst simultaneously the raw material stocks are declining.

    Human intelligence should lead to a revision of long-cherished paradigms of endless progress. We will face the hard material realities of the end of luxury. This is not a matter of political thought or finding energy sources.
    It is matter, that is earth, food, water, the necessities of subsistance. Either we reduce our consumption or we will perish.

    Helmut Lubbers
    ecological psychologist and
    environmental scientist

    Also see "Hostility to the notion of limits to growth" (with readers' comments)
    Environmental developments:
  • The day of "Peak oil", i.e. the highest daily amount of oil extracted, is approaching. It is expected within one to twenty years. Thereafter petroleum will be used for prioritary applications. (compare fossil energy developments)
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