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Growth Argument:
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"We are changing towards a service economy. We'll grow without additional resource use, "dematerialised". [Compare the graph further down.]

Most things we use in everyday life have been manufactured with minimal costs, i.e. with maximum material efficiency.
Using less material per unit, in case that's still possible, will reduce the size of the economy, the opposite of what economists claim. Efficiency increases do not devalidate the fact that growth is always material and therefore increases resource depletion.

"Services will lead to a dematerialisation of the economy."

Dematerialisation of our society is a sweet fairy tale. We cannot live without material stuff.
Services are often very resource consuming, like transportation. What are Services?"

Whatever work we do, "Growth" counts the difference in Gross Domestic Product between two periods. As the GDP is measured in money, which in turn represents material resources, any growth will increase material use.
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