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"Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure playing for you!"

"Have I missed the mark, or, like true archer, do I strike my quarry?
Or am I prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?"

(Cassandra. Aeschylus, Agamemnon 1194).

"Life has become unbearable. Forgive me." Dalida, 1933 - 1987

(The Italian-Egyptian singer and actress, who made her home in France for years, earned 55 gold records during her career. She died after an overdose of barbiturates, leaving a suicide note that read, "Life has become unbearable. Forgive me." source: Avec le temps

"Get six jolly cowboys to carry my coffin
Get six pretty maidens to bear up my pall
Put bunches of roses all over my coffin
Roses to deaden the clods as they fall

Oh, beat the drums slowly and play the fife lowly
And play the dead march as you carry me along.
Take me to the green valley and lay the sod o'er me.
For I'm a young cowboy, and I know I've done wrong."

Song:  As I Walked Out in the Streets of Laredo, traditional
Feleena knelt near him, to hold and to hear him,
When she felt the warm blood that flowed from the wound in his side;
He raised to kiss her and she heard him whisper:
"Never forget me - Feleena it's over, goodbye."
Quickly she grabbed for the six-gun that he wore
And screamin' in anger and placin' the gun to her breast:
"Bury us both deep and maybe we'll find peace",
And pullin' the trigger, she fell 'cross the dead cowboy's chest.

compare: Feleena
Yet one word more, a prophecy--or, if a dirge,
At least not mine alone.  In this sun's light--my last--
I pray: when the sword's edge requites my captor's blood,
Then may his murderers, dying, with that debt pay too
For her they killed in chains, their unresisting prey!
Alas for human destiny!  Man's happiest hours
Are pictures drawn in shadow.  Then ill fortune comes,
And with two strokes the wet sponge wipes the drawing out.
And grief itself's hardly more pitiable than joy.

Play: Agamemnon by Aeschylus
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Enkidu source:
"My friend, the great goddess cursed me and I must die in shame.  I shall not die like a man fallen in battle: I feared to fall, but happy is the man who falls in battle, for I must die in shame."
Epic:  Gilgamesh
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Gilgamesh Summary
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