prohibited man

hey man, where have you been?
your life is on the screen,
with no name you went away,
you left your red car and now it's grey.

yes I know you don't like these blues,
your mother told me you have nothing to lose
people who love you still look at you,
like a man who has a mission to do.

if you don't feel somebody,
if you don't know your story,
if you lose your glory,
it's magic, it's tragic, I love you all the time.

baby before you leave this place one more time,
I want to tell you something not about your crimes,
so in this life you got the best of you,
but remember in this world there's always something to do.

the music starts between blues and jazz,
talking to you so fine and forgetting the rest,
the only things I want is you and my guitar,
I stay so close to you and you're so far.

and if you feel somebody,
if you know your story,
and if you find your glory,
it's magic, it's tragic, but I'm your prize.

you are a sweet thing that I can't leave behind,
a precious part of me and so says my mind,
I'm searching for a perfect world, but this time goes by,
we have to be born and die today, but don't ask me why.

Source: an erring sheet of paper, 2001...
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