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Sustainability is a state of society that can continue unchanged for very long time, say centuries. Such mode of human production and consumption will obviously exclude economic growth (economic expansion), as well as unrestrained population growth.

Envrionmental problems and increasing resource scarcities in fact demonstrate tha humanity has overshot the earth's carrying capacity. Our society is no longer sustainable for the planet.

In order to achieve a state of sustainability - i.e. a state that can go on unchanged for a long time - we will amongst others:
  • take the principle decision to abolish the GDP growth model and then drastically reduce our resource depletion rates;
  • slow-down in all sectors since the higher the speed the higher is the energy and resource use;
  • relocalise as far as technically possible, thus reducing transportation of goods and people to a minimum;
  • increase product longevity, re-use, repair and recycle, thereby reducing resource depletion and freeing up labour for other, useful work;
  • phase-out mechanisation and gadgets that can easily be replaced by manual work;
  • phase-out environmentally harmful and societally useless/harmful activities like car racing, smoking, organised gambling, etc.;
  • stop population growth;

    The above, democratically resolved and implemented, will result in full-employment and provide realistic hope that we can avoid a melt-down of humanity in a final war for the last resources.
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