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Provisional specification (last update 10 February 2013)


The Perpetual Economic Growth Cognitive Disorder (PEG Cognitive Disorder) is the scientific name for the belief that economic growth could continue perpetually, if a number of delusional conditions would eventuate, such as continually increasing material efficiencies, dematerialisation of growth, innovation, creativity, and so on.


The mental disorder of PEG Cognitive disturbances is wide-spread among the members of the Compact of Politics, Business and the Discipline of Economics (the BPE Compact).


The PEG Cognitive Disorder is easily recognised from a person's speeches, writings and actions. The afflicted person invariably speaks out in favour of more growth, she or he claims that growth must continue, and can continue under a variety of conditions that cannot eventutate, but of which the afflicted person in his or her delusion believes it could.


Thus far no treatment has been devised. Since the PEG Cognitive Disorder is most probably produced by gradual indoctrination at schools and universities, a treatment with psychotropic drugs is not recommended.


Because of the disastrous effects that the continued economic and population growth has on the environment and the survival chances for humanity, the PEG belief must be classified as a serious and harmful Cognitive Disorder.

In order to avoid the disastrous environmental-political effects of the behaviour by people affected by the PEG Cognitive Disorder, presently the only means to reduce the risk consist in replacing these poor mentally disturbed by normal citizens in as many of their work places as possible and assign to the sufferers decent productive work.

In the teaching sector and many non-academic institutions the sufferers of the PEG Cognitive Disorder can be dismissed without replacement. Students can then attribute their time to knowledge areas that have real use in modern society. T resulting closure of the departments of theoretical economics will generate substantial savings.

In the industrial sector, producing real goods, the sufferers of the PEG Cognitive Disorder can be reemployed in the accounting departments.

The American Psychiatric Association has been asked to include the PEG Cognitive Disorder in the forthcoming DSM-V manual. See our letter to the APA American Psychiatric Associationletter....
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