Exploring a Green Present" - An interactive seminar

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Science for Life Courses

The Green Series

The "Green Series Courses" focus on a variety of green aspects of our everyday environment. The first seminar, on Saturday 3 August 1996, invites to be an active participant. You may voice your own personal visions on how you would develop your life, and your environment. We will "Explore a Green Present" in an attractive mixture of fun exercises, seminar presentations, and discussions.

"Exploring a Green Present" - An interactive seminar

Venue Meet 9.00 am at the "The Tree House" in the Wellington Botanic Garden
WWF - Education and Environment Centre.

Course time 9.15 am - 4.30 pm, incl. 1 h lunch break, two 30 min. coffee and tea breaks)

Catering A lunch will be provided (Koha)

Seminar Outline

(9.15 am) Introduction (15 min.) - Brief introduction to the Green Series; Introduction to this seminar

A touch of leadership - Warming-up exercise (15 min.)

An Orienting Parade of Human Needs - Presentation (30 min.) Freud, Maslow, and others on the development of the "self", basic needs, and commonalties.

Retrieving our past - Exercise (15 min.) Getting in touch with our personal past experiences. We keep it just for us. There is no need to show or to explain to the group.

(10.30 am) Morning Coffee Break (30 min.)

Time-discounting - Seminar presentation (15 min.) The economics of discounting of present and future values, and of environmental assets.

A Fun Speed Race - Exercise, discussion, seminar presentation (45 min.) Experience and investigate speed-energy-power relationship. Prizes for the best speed-racer.

(12.00 am) Lunch break (60 min.)

The Words Juggler - Exercise (30 min.) Explore and discuss meanings and implications of "common" and environmental terminology.

Stone Age Economics - Seminar presentation (30 min.) The "Environmental Footprint" of our ancestors.

ClayCon - A collaborative construction exercise (30 min.)

(2.30 pm) Afternoon Tea Break (30 min.)

Creative visualisation - Exercise (30 min.)

Freedom of choice - Discussion (30 min.) ECHO Ecologic Chance - Human Options: Why do things happen? Do things happen or do we make them happen?

(4.00 pm) A touch of breath - Exercise and discussion (30 min.) End-of-the-day exercise, seminar feedback.

(4.30) End of the Seminar

A Seminar offered by the
Centre for Continuing Education
Victoria University of Wellington.etc

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