ecology discovery foundation start page... ecoglobe "Sustainability" means human society in the balance with nature.
The balances are maintained if resources are not consumed
at a higher speeds than nature requires for regeneration.

The world we envision...

... is democratically changing towards:

Zero population growth and subsequent population reduction.
    People understand that more children lead to more poverty
    and stress upon the land. Social security for old age and illness
    is provided by the community. Reduction will bring
    population size in line with the earth's carrying capacity.

Steady state economy and subsequent contraction.
    Halting economic growth will stop the increasing depletion rates
    of non-renewable resources. New societal incentives will favour
    economic contraction by restructuring and increased longevity of products.

The least polluting means of transportation by phasing out
    private motorized vehicles and air transport. This is one major step
    to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thereby prevent run-away
    climate change.

"Re-localisation" of working and living - firmly linked to the
    reduction of transportation. People have much more time, and
    money. The benefits for the community are enormous, in terms of
    huge reductions in expenditure for traffic infrastucture, resource
    and space use, and reduced illness and accident costs.

High quality production, re-use, repair, and recycling - thereby reversing the trends
    of resource consumption and pollution. The longevity of many products can be increased
    dramatically, thus saving time, money, and resources.

Low speed lifestyles - since high speeds need more energy and resources.

Full employment in healthier jobs. Many industrial jobs will be replaced by manual work
    in the agricultural sector. Industrial agriculture will be replaced by natural foods and
    cruelty-free meat.

Stop worrying about climate change and illusionary greenhouse gas emissions
compensation and trading solutions.
    Stopping economic growth and population growth, followed by contraction is the sure and
fastest method to prevent further climate change.

What can you do?
Spread the message. Join an activist group.
Speak out at every occasion. Participate in events.
Write to opinion leaders. Walk the talk.
Re-use - Reduce - Recycle - Slow down
Main issues:


economic growth

climate change

energy & fuels


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