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Happy New Year!
Be welcome to the harsh reality of 2011, to our day and age!
We must open our eyes to the environmental facts and developments that are so frightening. Looking away or hoping are no solutions, of course.

We will again relentlessly take up and realistically analyse the most important themes. Peak-Oil has now taken the first rank - because modern life is totally dependent on oil. There's no equivalent alternative to oil, neither quantitatively, nor qualitatively in the breadth of applications. Electricity is not the same as oil.
"All people talk about the weather. We don't." Admittedly, climate change is threatening. But it could well be that the consequences of maximum daily oil production, Peak-Oil, are overtaking us sooner than the floods, droughts and mud slides of climate change.

So we discuss Peak-Oil. Because it's brushed aside by Business, Politics and the lame stream media. Or peak-oil is conveniently pushed back into the future - no need to deal with it now.

According to many independent specialists, humanity has arrived at peak-oil in 2005. The International Energy Agency in Paris (IEA) also confiormed this in their November 2010 "World Energy Outlook". The predictions that geologists have been making for decades, are now coming true.

Peak-oil means peak industrial production, peak food and peak globalisation, because there is no equivalent replacement for oil, neither in sufficient quantities nor in quality.

Peak-Earth is the maximum of human development, because of Peak-oil, the maximum of daily oil production.

After the peak we will be on the downslope: Production and distribution of industrial products and of food will start falling, slowly at first but then with increasing speeds.

If we don't stop growing and start contracting instead, we will disappear in a black hole, onto the scrap heap of history...  

Regretfully we have not only reached peak-everything, we have also overshot the Earth's carrying capacity, by far. Serious scientists estimate that this planet could possibly support less than one billion people, maybe 500 million, at a level of resource use that would resemble the standard of living of the middle ages, i.e. before 1700.
So, what now?

Take Time...

Take time to think
    It is the source of power
Take time to play
    It is the secret of perpetual youth
Take time to read
    It is the foundation of wisdom
Take time to pray
    It is the greatest power on earth
Take time to love and to be loved
    It is a God-given privilege
Take time to be friendly
    It is the road to happiness
Take time to laugh
    It is the music of the soul
Take time to give
    It is too short a day to be selfish
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