ecoglobe Problems and Solutions
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Many are "challenges" or environmental problems we are facing.
A multiple are the "solutions" that are suggested or being implemented.
Reminder: We maintain in the balances with nature if we don't consume natural resources and minerals faster than nature requires for regeneration and replenishment.
This table of issues - solutions - potential is under development. Any input is welcome!
Issue Solutions Probable realities
0. Quality of life
a. Wealth creation (money)
b. Happiness and contentment with a lifestyle that meets the basic needs for sustenance in a dignified way.
Money makes life easier but does not necessarily make a happy life.
The wealthier lifestyles entail negative environmental effects and tend to increase worries.
1. Sustainable Development Expand the economies and trade (economic growth) Growth on a finite planet is not sustainable.
2. "Overshoot"
(too many people consuming too much resources
a. Raising efficiency, internalisation "green economy", etc.
b. Contraction and reduction.
The conventional "economic" models are not valid.
Contraction and reduction is not yet happening because societal leaders don't see the necessity.
3. Food - for present and future populations a. Increase agricultural production
b. Redistribution
c. Trade & development
d. Population growth control
4. Climate Change a. Technology
b. Emissions trading
c. Green Growth
d. Replace fossil energies
5. Energy scarcities ... ...
6. Resource depletion ... ...
7. ... ... ...
8. Pollution ...(*) ... HOT-people idea.
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