[Die Sterne sollten uns daran erinnern, dass dieses Raumschiff Erde keinen Notausgang hat.]
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Die öko-analphabetischen Bevölkerungszähler und Bevölkerungszählerinnen reden von 10 Milliarden.
For our demographers and other visionary "leaders" - for these ecologically illiterates our world is getter bigger and bigger.
Any resource problems are simple challenges, which we will certainly master with Hope Optimism Technology.

We will find solutions, as humanity has always done in the past. Ingenuity and creativity will allow us to create
more space and new resources.
Humanity will be singing and dancing on a planet that is just there for them...
Meanwhile we will have exported one male and one female of all our goods and gadgets to a safe haven - to be returned after the human floods, when the earth has regenerated and minerals and fossil fuels will flourish again, to the greater glory of our masters. "Actually people are eating oil", environmental scientists sometimes say.
The below article explains how the population increase over the last century was not just a coincidence but a direct result of the increasing, but temporary, abundence of oil.

The increasing average age of people in rich societies is frequently discussed under various angles, such as income distribution, pension schemes, health care and their costs.

It could be that these worries become void once we are in the post-peak-oil era. If oil flows have really been the determining factor that allowed the enormous population growth of the past 100 years, the decline of oil abundance does not bode well. Because what will we eat once the oil for the tractors and factories of industrial agriculture is getting rare? Alternative enegries are no solution, because electricity cannot replace oil. The author of the article finishes with the question why our authorities do not prepare for that time, which seems immanent.

We are eating crude Join TheGreatChange discussion group.

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