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Our pressure on the world depends on
Population size and Resource use,

often expressed in the equation
I = P x A x T
= Population (size)
× Affluence (welfare)
× Technology

Note: Contrary to popular belief, Technology increases our impact!
cf. the T factor of I=PxAxT

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Also see our
Use footprint

Not to be confounded with the
so-called "ecological footprint"

the effect of Technology... Note: Technology may have a local beneficial effect on local pollution.
But, factually, Technology is included in the Affluence factor. Technology consists of tools, machinery, and manufacturing plant for agricultural and industrial production. The separate mentioning of a Technology factor is justified because Technology generally increases our labour "efficiency" or productivity, i.e. Technology increases the speed of our resource extraction and depletion.

The disadvantage of a separate Technology factor is that many people believe Technology to be positive and thus misinterprete this factor. This opinion is linked to the almost universal belief that the world can be saved by (future) Technology.
I= PxA
If Technology were an Impact-reducing factor,
it should have been in the denominator of the equasion, like this:

Also compare Population Growth & I=PxAxT

Unlike Technology, a technique refers to a way in which a goal is achieved. A technique can have many forms, also without technology.

moving so-called 'rogue elephants'... Many people claim that the world could nourish 12 billion people, if food were distributed equitably.
Whilst this is an argument in favour of more equity, it cannot be used to say that the earth could carry 12 billion people and that population growth would therefore not be a problem.
On the contrary

Population is the elephant in the room

Each additional person requires resources for one person more, be it in the rich or in the poor areas of this world. Population growth increases the depletion rates of resources and the pressure on the land, always. Population growth is not sustainable, nowhere.

Despite talk of aid and development, the effects of population growth are borne locally, especially in the poor areas of the world. The baby born into the slums of the world's mega-cities lives it's life in those slums.
An additional person in a rich country increases the pressure locally and elsewhere, because of increased imports of resources.

Sustainability: The balances are maintained if resources are not consumed at a higher rates than needed for regeneration.
Sustainable Society: A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.
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