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"Don't count the sheep - Talk to the shepherd"
Changing the usal routine can change one's outlook. This way we found the advice to talk to the shepherd. And we stumbled on the sheep who wonder that we are so easily herded.

"Talk to the shepherd" was the slogan we just saw behind the shop windows of the Lutheran Church of Geneva. Would their shepherd talk back? Or would the business guru, Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum talk back to common people? Would the Protestant Church of Switzerland talk with normal people about the questionable wisdom to line up with the WEForum and organise a so-called "Public Forum"? We went once. It was a disaster. The same ideologues on the podium, talking in one direction. The public permitted to ask one question, which was of course "answered" with the same denial of any problem linked to growth.

Klaus Schwab is very busy indeed, tirelessly organising one Davos forum after another, and pushing "young global shepherds" who will take over the leaders' crook of eternal economic growth.

Meanwhile Klaus Schwab is certainly keeping in mind that he is firmly "Committed to Improving the State of the World".

Well, we would recommend to Klaus Schwab that he descend from his papal growth throne and has a look at the world from a different vantage point.
He might understand that the earth is not flat. That growth is a suicidal policy. Who knows? Even popes are people and have brains. Maybe they will start using them?
So, we wrote a polite letter to Mr Schwab at the WEF Annual Assembly at Davos.

Dunce ... Yes, I Know I Was Wrong It's our leaders' choice whether they want to be remembered as revolutionary thinkers or as dunces who thought the world was flat and its resources endless.

Klaus Schwab changed...
Letter sent to Mr Klaus Schwab: []       [Second letter]
ecology discovery foundation - ecoglobe
Helmut E. Lubbers
BE MsocSc DipEcol
14 Boulevard Carl-Vogt
CH-1205 Genève / Genf


Genève/Genf, 25 January 2011

ecoglobe, 14 bd. Carl-Vogt, CH-1205 Genève
Registered / Express
Mr Klaus Schwab
Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum
Congress Center Davos-Klosters
7270 Davos

"New Realities" from a different vantage point
Dear Mr. Schwab,

The reality that environmental scientists are observing is the increasing speeds of resource depletion. Peak Oil, peak water, peak food production, the effects of climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, land erosion and overpopulation - those are the issues that need to be on the agenda of any serious debate on "realities". Except that these realities are not new at all. The trends are clear and visible for all who want to see and understand.

The World Economic Forum wants to "improve the state of the world". It must be said, however, that the results of your policies are regretfully exactly the opposite. Your drive for growth is increasing humanity's speed towards total depletion of the planet, followed by collapse and the demise of the human species.

This moment has now come very close indeed, since we are at the peak oil level and it's only a matter of a few years before we'll be on the post-peak-oil down-slope. Please don't think that so-called "renewable fuels" will be a way out. Firstly renewables are electricity only and cannot replace fossil fuels. Secondly, even if we could replace oil, it would still maintain the illusion that our standard of living and population size could be continued.

I think, Mr Schwab, that you are really concerned about our common future. But I also notice that you and your members and guests are all operating in the illusionary world of continued growth.

Some years ago one member of your Cologny staff emailed me that you are open to ideas.

Is that true? Can you take a different vantage point and look at the world and your activities from an ecological viewpoint? The psychologist in me says that this will be extremely difficult and painful because it means that you'd be willing and strong enough to examine and analyze your own work.

Thank you for reading these few lines. I hope to receive a reaction.

    Yours faithfully,

[signature H E Lubbers]

Follow-up letter to Mr Klaus Schwab 11 July 2011


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