[The starry background is to remind us that this spaceship Earth has no emergency exit.]
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Growth 2013 - expectations from some Swiss economists
[This is our last ecostory. Because we've finally reached the conclusion that humanity is lost. The PiP (People in Power) are factually lost in their delusionary system of eternal growth.
Despite the discovery of Gallileo, the Pip still act as if the earth were flat and resources limitless. Their power is too big to be vanquished by normal people who can use their brains in a normal way. But it does not really matter, since our overshoot of the earth's carrying capacity is so huge that no measure will be able to salvage us. Anything would be too late and too little.
Next year we will focus on fun and the pleasant things of daily life. "Seize the day..." ] The Swiss National Radio (newly rebranded RTS, combining TV and Radio) inspired us to this last ecostory, with their Echo report and interview with four Swiss economists on 30 December 2012. [audio - German We refrain from discussing the details.]
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