[Les étoiles devraient nous rappeler que ce vaisseau spatial n'a pas de sortie de secours.]
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«Le monde est dans un état de burn out (épuisement) total, et Davos est une sorte de sanatorium", une plate-forme pour comprendre ce qui se passe dans le monde»

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 Davos-Klosters, Switzerland 25-29 January The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models The contextual change at the top of minds remains the rebalancing and deleveraging that is reshaping the global economy. In the near term, this transformation is seen in the context of how developed countries will deleverage without falling back into recession and how emerging countries will curb inflation and avoid future economic bubbles. In the long term, both will play out as the population of our interdependent world not only passes 7 billion but is also interconnected through information technology on a historic scale. The net result will be transformational changes in social values, resource needs and technological advances as never before. In either context, the necessary conceptual models do not exist from which to develop a systemic understanding of the great transformations taking place now and in the future. It is hubris to frame this transition as a global “management” problem of integrating people, systems and technologies. It is an indisputable leadership challenge that ultimately requires new models, bold ideas and personal courage to ensure that this century improves the human condition rather than capping its potential. Thus, the Annual Meeting 2012 will convene under the theme, The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models, whereby leaders return to their core purpose of defining what the future should look like, aligning stakeholders around that vision and inspiring their institutions to realize that vision. Some introductory ideas by Professor Klaus Schwab on the theme of the Annual Meeting 2012. For more information, please e-mail: AnnualMeeting@weforum.org
On a finite planet economic and population growth are suicide for humanity!
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