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Sustainability... your contribution
The balances are maintained if a resource is not consumed at a higher speeds than nature needs for regeneration.
More quotes about "sustainability"
"Nachhaltiges, grünes Wachstum"
"Sustainable, green growth"
"Croissance verte, durable"

Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsäcker im Tagesgespräch in Radio DRS vom 20.2.2009
A Glossary of ecological terms and concepts
Overshoot discussion at the opening day of an Environmental Diplomacy course [82/2008]
IUCN - sustainability and "Sustainable Development" [71/2008]
Paradise for Sale - More Is Less [69/2008]
"Might the Convergence of Multiple "Inconvenient Truths" Signal the Emergence of Demographic and Social Collapse?" [64/2008]
"Die-off" - Can we survive the die-off?
& Climate:
Combattre les gaz à effet de serre par des centrales nucléaires ?
Mit Atomkraft gegen die Klimagase?
Nuclear power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
Bericht von der CarbonExpo in Köln (Mai 2008)
& Energy:
Energie und Nachhaltigkeit... I=PxAxT
& Peak Oil:
"The Long Emergency" & "A Post-Oil Man"
  • "Dubai bets on lasting tourist appeal"
    & Traffic:
    "Klimasünder Flugzeuge bislang geschont"
    "Nachhaltig? Kurzsichtig"
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